Martin Raneg

The pleasant musician seems to be smiling all day long. But also finds clear words for all of us: From nothing comes nothing. Practicing and rehearsals are hard work and require a lot of discipline, these are things that very few people recognize.

Martin, you are a blooded musician, how can we imagine your daily business? From one gig to the next, many fans and lots of offers?

Exactly, I am a musician, by profession but above all also out of passion. About 100 times a year I am touring with my band “Die Stockhiatla” through Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.  Especially in summertimes it often happens, that I am more on the road than at home. During that times it is really from one gig to another. But the live gigs are really only one part of a musician’s existence. I spend a lot of my time alone in my music room, practicing or learning new songs for the band. So it is a lot of hard work in everything that looks so smooth on the stage.

So, you could name yourself quite lucky to be able to earn a living by following your passion with making music?

That is not the whole truth. Besides being a live musician I am also teaching accordion and work as a studio musician. I also enjoy teaching and passing on my musicality to younger ones. Because I am convinced that music is something very important and beautiful.

How did it come that you are now standing on the stage together with your band in “Lederhosen”?

Meanwhile 15 years have passed already since we had our first official gig. Only a few months passed from the idea to start a band untill our first gig. Especially in the early years there was not a single weekend where we didn’t rehearse and rehearse new songs. Contemporaneus with our song repertoire, also our friendship developed and I think thats also one big reason for our success story. With the first gigs we played, we started receiving more and more requests for new shows and thats when everything developed slowly but continously.

Was there ever any doubt that music is your passion?

There is no doubt at all that music is my biggest passion. But of course I am also following other passions. I need further hobbies to find my inner balance. For example, I do sports, that’s where I discovered CrossFit for myself.

If something would change overnight and you to stop making music, what would you do?

To be honest I have never seriously made my thoughts about that question.  If I could not actively make music, I would probably look for something else in this area. I really don’t think it would be possible without music. Besides, I think there is nothing better than to create your profession out of your passion.

Which musicians do you admire and why?

I can’t name any particular musician that I admire. But what fascinates me is when, for example, people or musicians try to leave their comfort zone and go on a journey of discovery, when they try out new things to create something which has never been these before. I think thats not only great to see in music, but also in other areas, as Steve Jobs has shown with Apple, for example. It is simply fascinating when people have the courage to go new ways and create something new.

Being a musician, for us it looks like everything is always a bliss, you live your passion and it couldn’t be more beautiful. Are there also bad days?

Of course making music is something wonderful. But you should not forget, that as in my case, music is also a job.  Practicing and rehearsals are hard work and require a lot of discipline, these are things that very few people see actually. It’s like everywhere “From nothing, nothing comes”.

What would you give up music for?

I hope that the music will always accompany me in some way. I wouldn’t know what would have to happen to give up music.

How did you grow up, was it clear from the beginning that music would become a big part of your life?

Hmm, good question. But actually neither of my parents actually play an instrument. But when I look back, my siblings and I have all had the opportunity to learn an instrument. Already in primary school we attached great importance to music. My music school teacher at that time always encouraged me and registered me for concerts and competitions and prepared me for them. The success and afterwards the feeling on stage while playing with my band was always a driving force to continue in this direction.

When you think about your future, in which direction should your career develop?

The next goal I have set myself is to complete my master’s degree at the Gustav Mahler Private University of Music. I think having goals is something very important. Then you know directly what you are working for and what you are doing your best for.

Do you have a favourite song and if yes, why?

I don’t have the one favourite song that I listen to over and over again, there are too many genres I feel at home in. From Oberkrainer music to classical music and rock, everything is there. I also don’t close myself off from unknown things and so I always discover new fantastic music for myself.

As a musician you are used to play in front of a big audience. How does your current situation look like? Are you worried about your future gigs? Are there already cancellations?

We started the new season at full speed with New Year’s Eve, the situation with the Corona crisis hits us of course and some events have been cancelled. Unfortunately, nobody is able to say how long this situation will last and that makes it difficult of course. Nevertheless, we look positively into the future and are looking forward to the events, which will definitely come again. And especially in difficult times, music can also help to feel better and to fuel up with new energy.

Music also lives from the LIVE feeling, how do you as a band deal with that?

It’s a strange feeling to be at home on several weekends, since we as a band are usually on the road together almost every weekend. I think, the time in which we don’t have any gigs now, each of us uses the more to surround himself with his loved ones and to follow his hobbies as far as possible.

How does your everyday life look like at the moment?

As usual, I spend a lot of time in my music room and work on new literature, songs for which there is little time left. To balance this I like to read, go for walks with my dogs and do sports at home.

Martin Raneg & Die Stockhiatla



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