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Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul, said Plato. This was also the case with DJ and marketing manager Felix Sommer. His love for music was lived into his cradle and today it is his elixir of life.

Felix, how did it come that you fell in love with music?

I’ve always been very fond of music and grew up in a household where music came out of the speakers in the morning already. So, my mum practically brought me to music, to music far away from the mainstream. I started making music myself: drums and keyboard. At the age of 14 I discovered djing for myself. I can still remember it very well. Together with my parents I went to an event and Klaus Kirchauer played records there, alias DJ Barry Bahia. That fascinated me absolutely. You could see that he doesn’t just put on a vinyl, but feels the music and passes it on to his audience. That also reached me. That was such a great party. When I got home I told my parents that I wanted to become a DJ. Contrary to what most people expect now, my parents also immediately said that they are going to support me for sure. Many years later the first booking came, together with Klausi for the hip new bar in these days called “Parkhaus”. After that it started for me and I could conquer the night scene of my home town Klagenfurt.

What is the best thing about being a DJ?

The passion to share the music with the audience. It is the connection that you feel when people are dancing to the music you are playing. You feel the vibes and the atmosphere, it just feels amazing when you get something back rom the audience.

How would you describe the music you are playing?

I play very different genres. Through Klaus I clearly got access to directions like soul and disco. But of course I’m interested in electronic music, like deep house, minimal, techno and so on. I love vocals in music or also quite experimental styles. I am also a real fan of Afro, which is one of my favourite music styles. When I do an Afro set, I really lead the crowd through a story. I think storytelling is what makes a DJ special. Very special for me is for example my set “Siddharta” – here I took parts out of the audio book by Hesse and let them flow into the music again and again.

What makes you happy?

Music. Because it simply always relaxes and cheers me up.

My family. Parents, siblings and my girlfriend.

Health of course.

I’m capable of doing all the things that make me a human being.

What is your motivation?

I want to live up to my own standards. I am a determined person and want to put things into practice that I put into my head. Maybe that is also a bit my ego. My own targets are my biggest motivation and thats what leads my way.

Which person in your life impresses you and why?

There are many people around me who impress me a lot. Of course I can only mention again my parents especially. But also my friends and my environment. With them I can exchange myself, they inspire me and bring me further.

What makes you special?

I am an absolute airhead. Maybe it is also connected with my zodiac sign. I am eager and curious. In stressful situations it is often difficult for me to keep calm, sometimes my temperament can overcome me a bit. But I really try to live a reflected my life. That means, I try to recognize my blind spots and then work on myself. If I should be walking in the wrong direction without realising, then I have an environment that points this out to me and always wants the best for me.

Felix Sommer



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