Johannes Isopp Founder ANICON

Bad time, good time

Admittedly, the title reads somewhat cynically in the current situation, but at least we managed to get you to read the first lines of our thoughts.

The current events teach us to deal with the topic of time much more and more intensively than ever before. To engage in a process of reflection and conscious use of our resources is probably the inevitable conclusion. If there is something positive about the current situation, then it is precisely this process that probably brings us all closer to ourselves than we often wish to be.

Throughout our lives we perceive time as a linear component that creates continuity and security. We cannot stop it and live with the certainty that time is fleeting and that the sun rises and sets every day.

We ask ourselves the question, what can we take out of times like these, when we should survive everything well in terms of health?

The events will change us and sometimes changes will be the only possible measure to continue to earn our daily money. Our attitude towards people, life, love and health will certainly change. We can be thankful for this, because we will appreciate our world in which we live more and also appreciate our body more. We will perceive life differently, more relaxed on the one hand and with more respect on the other.

What we need is love, trust and courage.

Trust in ourselves, love for our loved ones and the courage to go new ways in our life.

Love gives us strength. Why? Because love can give us inner harmony. And if you have harmony within yourself then it gives you strength on the outside. The power to go new ways and to recognize new opportunities through curiosity.

Passion is also a sign of love. But how can we find our passion? So: Trust your curiosity. In life you always have to be curious, because without curiosity there is no learning and without learning there is no success. We can build up curiosity by thinking about things and being interested. And then we will come to the point where curiosity turns into a pull. Follow this pull, no matter where it leads, even if you run the risk of taking risks and making mistakes. The daily learning is based on mistakes we make. We should trust to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes.

Of course, we will also have doubts. Many may doubt as we are in doubts on a daily basis. Fortunately! Doubt is our friend and gives us openness for change and the willingness to take risks. As long as we don’t start doubting our philosophy and passion we are on the right track.

Passion gives us courage. It is about awakening invisible forces, competences and talents that are slumbering in all of us and are just waiting to be discovered. If we are courageous enough to give these forces a chance, then we give ourselves the chance to suddenly make this change positive. Change is then no longer something from the outside, but something that comes from ourselves and our passion.

This is exactly the path we have taken with ANICON. The courage to go new ways has led us to develop a product out of our passion. A product that should reflect our values and remind us to become our best self.

We have realized how precious life, time and resources are to us.  That’s why we established ANICON with the aim to embody self-expression, creativity, passion, sustainability, openness and community. And, of course, because we hope to encourage you to follow your heart and intuition.

#BeANICON stands for embracing these values and the spirit that unites all of us everyday heroes. It reminds you to become your best self. Every day, hour, minute, second.

Being mindful of time, acting sustainably and jointly exploring new avenues. We believe that these are the important things in life. People who pursue these goals have inspired our work on this project – and these are the goals that we are now embracing with Anicon.

That’s why we want to continue to introduce some of our everyday heroes who inspire ourselves and hopefully inspire you as well. We cheer them for being brave and going their own way. And if we can make a small contribution to give courage to face the new challenges that are coming up to all of us, it would be even better of course.

In hard times there is also a lot of energy. The goal must be to create something positive out of the negative energy that we actually feel. Every tricky situation and hard time also include a chance for us. We need to focus on our passion and curiosity to realize those chances.

We understand our watch not only as a timepiece, but also as a communication instrument that should convey our values, our style and our appreciation for others. Above all, it should remind you to become the best version of yourself.

Reduced to the minimum with a clear focus on quality. But because this does not make us unique, we have developed a completely new technical construction of the watch case. Our watches are mounted on the wrist by means of a unique pull-through strap without pushpin and any tools. Last but not least, the high-quality leather straps from the region create a comfortable feeling on the wrist. Consistently Made in Austria from the watch to the leather strap creates identity with our beautiful homeland and reflects our soul despite our openness to the wide world.

The spirit of these times requires us to reorient our lives and to look ahead. To readjust a personal biography is certainly a difficult path where you are only dealing with yourself. Changing your life is a difficult process, because you are your life. To compare it with a soccer game: the spectator usually sees the free man better than the player on the field.

In our opinion, love, trust and courage are the keys to our individual happiness. And whether we are really happy we can see it in our eyes. When we smile with our eyes, this is the proof of how happy we are. With our mouth we can laugh for a photographer, but for ourselves we can only laugh with our eyes.

Despite all the doubts, we at ANICON have the feeling to look into happy eyes at the moment because we had the courage to face a challenge, to break new ground and to bring our passion into a product.

In days like these, when we see our watch as a lucky charm, we would say: The first happiness: I wake up in the morning. The second happiness: I am healthy. The third happiness: My family loves me. The fourth happiness: My business is my passion even in hard times.

In this sense, we hope that we will survive everything well in health, that our loved ones will survive everything well in health and we want to give you courage to take on new challenges and to guide them into a positive outcome through passion and ambition.




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