Johannes Isopp

A brand made in Austria, founded by a crew of young creatives who love to inspire others to be their best self by telling encouraging stories and sharing this clean timepiece.

What was the reason for establishing ANICON?

Since I can remember I wanted to create something on my own. And ANICON is the result of my passion for design, craftsmanship and know-how.

Your first collection is 100% made on your own from the design to the production. How was the process?

First of all I have to say – that ANICON is the result of the work from a lot of people. Without the support from my partner and a lot of friends, ANICON would not be possible to realize. The whole process has been a long way to go. It took us two years from the idea to the scratch till the first physical prototype. So a lot of small steps had been necessary to create such a great product made in Austria. My girlfriend Patricia and I created the brand ANICON and my partner Stefan, with his expertise from IWC, was the perfect match to make this dream come true.

Of course, there have been a lot of challenges through the whole process but it was the vision of ANICON that kept us going and trust ourselves. So we took pleasure with growing through the challenges as the product took shape. We felt that we are on the right way, not only when it comes to the product, also personally – who we wanted to be. We live our values, dare to be true and do what makes us happy. So we think that’s what life is about, right? This was our biggest recognition and this is also the reason why ANICON stands for living your true self and being the best version of yourself – everyday. ANICON is our daily reminder to follow our dreams and realize it. We hope that we encourage other people to follow our example. This is also why we show stories of the people, who inspired us and maybe also you, to do what you really love. Even if we are all different, we are all looking for the same – to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Why is ANICON named ANICON?

We created this name on a vacation in Greece. We had a wonderful evening in a tavern and met Alexandros, the owner of this tavern. We talked about the sense of life and he used the greek word EIKONA which stands for a special way of living and to follow your own path. So we took EIKONA and made it more “Austrian” by using an A. And that is how the name ANICON was born.

What was the biggest challenge during the whole process?

To keep on going even if there are a lot of obstacles in your way and to trust yourself.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by the everyday heroes around me and all the friends who are giving their best in life. They are not only working on getting their work done, they are also working on their mindset to improve.

If you had one wish free, what would it be?

To inspire people with our brand to be their best version and follow their dreams. It is for sure not easy, but its worth it.




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